Saturday, December 2, 2006

Poems Part 3

I thought I would take this time to move forward another year with my poems from 1991. I only wrote 11 poems that year and I think it was due to not much going on around me for a change.

Here are a few of them, enjoy. Please feel free to leave comments if you like.

(I know these are not the greatest, but I thin in time you see how I improve my style more.)



turn off the light
and sleep, sleep
it will be all over
as soon as day breaks the night

pull up the covers
and dream, dream
don’t worry anymore
of the terrors of the night

put your head down
and close your eyes
it will soon end again
when you’re not afraid of the night


Untitled #2

How can you kill someone for pleasure
And blame it all on music
Or say it was someone else inside you

Parents go around and listen to it all
They listen to it all backwards
Seeming to hear it all evil

How can you condemn it all for your ideas
And change the world
For what you think is right

Take a look inside your self
To find the real truth
Outside of your fanatical ideas


Take me away

I’ve seen enough shit
To last a lifetime till I die
What can be done except to put it all aside
With other memories you have no more time for
In that box of toys that are broken to pieces because you didn’t try to fix them to make your life better
For your self and your friends on this little growing world

Take my sight away

I’ve seen to much shit
To give a dam anymore
I’ve got to leave it all behind
Packed in a box and be shipped away to a place far from here
So I don’t have to look at the broken pieces of friends that are long since pasted away to a better life than this

Its all bull shit anyway

Can’t you see it’s all about you and me
It’s about what we do and what we can do to stop this
Stupidity from spreading to our brothers and sisters in the this small little world


Vanity II

It is a thing I call vanity
When beauty calls for you
You will pay a high price
To be the one to shine

Can’t you see
It’s nothing really new
But it would be nice
If you could get what’s mine

Mascara and makeup
Are just killing the true you
And you have paid the price
To look like you were nine

You take all the riches
That are brought to you
You find jewelry nice
Because they make you shine

But it’s all just a front
To put you on the top
But someday soon
You will have to face the truth
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