Wednesday, December 6, 2006

OMG! That frikken hurt!

Yesterday was my second of three epidural steroid shots for my back pain. Last time it was done it I just did the local anesthesia and it was a quick in and out prcidure with only about 2 seconds worth of pain. No biggy.

So yesterday I was thinking it was going to be the same thing. So when I get there the nurse asks me what happened and how the pain in my back was since the fist shot. I tell her that I still had a lot of pain and that the shot only lasted about a week as well as having the same numbness issues down my right leg like I've had for a long time.

So just as I get into the procedure room the doctor tells me instead of doing a lateral epidural (in the middle of my spine to effect pain on both sides of my back) they are going to do a transference epidural. This means that instead of getting next to the nerve column like they do with the lateral epidural and just inject the steroid there, they are going to go through my right nerve trunk that goes into my right leg then inject the steroid.

I think to myself. No biggy can't hurt much worse than the last one I got... HOLY F*$&#ING WRONG!! It hurt so bad that I just about cried! due to the angle they had to place the needle (btw the first needle they used was too short!! so they had to start over with a longer one!!) i could feel pain at ever push the doctor did in between the x-ray pictures they took to guild the needle by. I'm highly tolerant to pain due to the 15+ years I've had this back problem but Jeebus H Christ that frikken hurt!

The worst thing is that I'm in more pain now due the them having to go through all the muscle on my back than I was when I went in for the shot. Not even my normal pain killers are working at the moment. I barley got any sleep last night...ugh. Luckily though I I do have a prescript to fill today that will help. It's not for my current pain but to help with the the frequent numbness in my right leg. The doctor warned me though that for the first few days only to take it at night because it will put me to sleep until my body gets use to it then i get to take it twice a day! lol
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