Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Camera, New Fun


So I got this new camera a while back (Canon SX40 HS) that I’ve tried to be more active with in taking pictures. Here is the camera:


Here are links to photos I’ve taken with it:
Cedarburg WI
Milwaukee County Zoo
Milwaukee County Zoo-ala-Carte
Downtown Milwaukee WI

I’m really liking it and maybe next year I will upgrade to a full dSLR as my photo skill improve.

Changes for the better

Over the last few years I've let a lot of ideas get away from me and lately I've been trying to reorganize to get back on track.

One of them being to consolidate my (forever forgotten) blogging sites. So after a little cleaning I've settled on using Blogger for my main posting and Tumblr as a secondary catch all. By catch all I mean that whenever I post something new too one of my blogger blogs it will be posted to Tumblr as well through If This Then That.

So here is the list of blogs I will be trying to write on:
Awake on Autopilot (Everyday things)
Pocket Dev (More Developer/System Admin Focused)
Blackout Writings (My Old Bad Poetry)
KeyPress Labs (Side project not started)

Awake on Autopilot (Tumblr version)

You can always goto my About.Me page to fine me in other places on the web.