Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I swear I will pack all my camera gear and have it with me always!

That's me on the left with my online gaming friends of 12+ years. Except for the bride and groom (center two people) this is the first time I have met them in person!

I brought my camera with me to my friend's wedding this past weekend because I only planed on taking a few pictures of the ceremony and those of my friends (see above). So I wasn't thiking of bringing my flash or extra filters (see here for my camera). However as we waited for the reception it was pointed out that the photogrpher for the wedding was not going to be there for the reception. So I was asked to take extra pictures (not by the wedding couple by another close friend guest).

It started out OK as I'm still getting use to the camera and taking better pictures in general. The room was really well lit for the dinner and cake cutting but once that was done they turned down the lights for dancing I wished right away I had my external flash with me. I only had the pop-up flash and after looking at a few pictures to check them out to see how the flash made things looked I was horrified!
That pop up flash really was bad when I needed a little more light and not wash out everyone in a blinding supernova that came from the front of my camera.

All in all the pictures still turned out decently and the happy couple will have memories of reception events that other people where not taking.

Grats Mari and Chris hope your honeymoon is going smooth and you are actually relaxing and NOT trying to check up on work!!!
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