Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hello iPhone 4S, I'm Jason

Today I received my iPhone 4S through work as my business phone.

After carrying around my Galaxy SII for a year the smaller size is actually nice. I don't even mind that the screen is smaller. I don't do a lot of multimedia watching on my phone and since this is my work phone I will not be pushing my luck in running up the data usage even though it is unlimited. I mostly use email, text the wife, look things up when out shopping, or snap pictures with my personal phone and I don't see much changing with my work iPhone.  The size seems to fit better in my pocket too as I carry a number of things in mine and the SII never seems to sit right.

I do get to use if for personal calls and can basically use it as my personal phone as well if I choose to within reasonable usage (many people do this at my work). I do have to pay $20/month as a usage co-pay but worked covered the cost of the phone and monthly charges.  This is a sweet deal considering my personal phone doesn't have unlimited data and even though it is under my wife's cell account it still costs us a lot more for data.

With the iPhone 5 coming out shortly there have been a few people say I should have waited. I figured since the phone is free and I needed to get a work cell sooner rather than later I would just get the 4s for now and if I like iOS and the phone I will upgrade my personal phone to the iPhone 5 when I can upgrade or just drop my personal one all together and when I can upgrade my work phone I will just get what ever comes after iPhone 5 in two years.

We will see over the next few months.
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