Monday, November 27, 2006

A repost...

~~I posted this to a different blog, but not everyone could see it... I was reading it and I still feel the same way today eve though this was written a few months ago.~~

I was sitting here during my lunch at work reflecting on a few things going on in my mind. My mood is pretty even keeled but it got me remembering something from my past.

A few years ago I stopped writing. I use to be a pretty prolific writer of poetry and short stories. To this day I have no idea why I stopped but one thing is certain that I still remember some of the poems I wrote. Sometime ago on a whim I submitted an old poem I wrote to for a contest and was one of the fortunate people to get the poem published that year because of it. It was really cool to have that happen.

Funny thing is that the poem I wrote started to go through my head while I sat here thinking so I though Id share it with all of you.

Its pretty close on to how I feel at the moment about all thats happening in my life.

Lollipops and Red Balloons

It comes and goes
This feeling of insecurity just grows
The pain and hurt
Passes by when I try to find the cure

When I was a boy I never dreamed
Of these kind of days
Adults never knew why
We didn't try to understand life through their eyes
Nothing ever mattered to us but candy and smiles

Lollipops and red balloons
Sleeping in until almost noon
Nothing seemed to phase me in those days
Not a care to damage me in any way
But now it seems that I'm too aware
Of what my surroundings are here
In my room alone. . . .

Jason E. Brewer
Copyright ©2006 Jason E. Brewer

This poem is a reflection of how I felt when looked back on my life after reaching a troubling period of my life and how I turn to my childhood memories for solace in troubled times. It was not until that point in my life that I realized why adults try to tell children about responsibility in the hopes to better prepare them for the ups and downs that come with adulthood. As children, we only want to have fun but as we grow older we realize that life is not all about having fun.

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