Friday, September 20, 2013

Memories from Youth

I am sitting here at work and have my iPod going on shuffle when "Treason" by Naked Raygun comes on.

Now I have not heard this song in years (thank you iPod Shuffle for not being truly random and plying the same 20 songs over and over out of the 3500+ in my collection....but I digress) and it reminded me when I was younger on how I joined a church because of a girl*.

Now the song did not remind me of the girl specifically and there was no "treason" done by her or me.

What makes this song special is that at this church there was a festival week where they asked some of us youth to perform on stage for people visiting the festival on youth night. My friend Justin (who was already in a band at the time) and I agreed to do sing two songs for the festival with a "house" band. We both did "edited" Naked Raygun songs. By edited I mean I tweaked a line or two in the lyrics to make them more Christian because the church was a small "Born Again" Evangelical church. Justin sung the edited version of "Treason" and I sung the edited version of "Understand?". It was fun and the the people like what we did.

I think that was the only time outside of Teaching Japanese and Basic Web Development for work where I wasn't paralyzingly frightened of being in front of people.

Just thought I'd share.

Thanks for reading

*We never dated she liked someone else and I was always "friend-zoned".... story of my High School Dating career LOL.
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