Monday, August 26, 2013

Nokia 1020

First impressions (vs iPhone):


Great Camera (still learning to use it and all the options --more to come later with that)


I like the live tiles, but still getting use to them.

Sound quality is great on  calls


iOS default email does a better job integrating with hotmail than MS does. It appears if there is a email sub-folder you need to keep track of you need to push it to a live tile to get notified that a new message was pushed into it.

Single volume control. I miss at least a separate volume control for music.

No DND setting other than putting phone face down (then it just mutes everything). I still need my phone to ring between 2200 & 0600 but I do not need to hear every email alert or text message at the same time.

Can not link my dropbox folders as an album in the default picture manager.

Not really a Pro or Con:

Lack of apps but we will see what I miss and can't live without as time goes on.

Arranging the tiles is a bit fidgety but I like that you can re-size them as needed.

The WP Mac App is nice.

Calls on the phone sound better than my GS2 ever was and reception has been better as well (especially with having LTE now).

Work pays for my iPhone 4S and it can be used for personal calls as well but I still wanted a separate cell for calls that I do not want tracked on my work phones (i.e. photography, legal, and medical calls).

I really like the iPhone (and will probably upgrade to what ever the next version is when my renewal hits for work) but am trying to separate work and home life as I've been overly burnt on being "off work" and being too assessable especially on the weekends when I try to take care of my son so my wife can have a break.

More to come as I use it.

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