Thursday, February 28, 2013

Slowly but surely....

Health Assessment was today at work (I will get $150 for doing it).

Weight 223 (Down from 226 in Jan when I started to work out, I have gown down in pants size more than weight)
Height 5'10"
BP 109/70
BF 30.0%
BMI 32.0
TC 189 (Down from 210 since last May**)
HDL 30
TRIG 174
LDL 124
TC/HDL 6.3
Glucose 93 (Down from 105 since last May**)

I do work out almost every morning but with my back injury and pain it is a very long slow road. Even stretching causes severe pain sometimes and requires I skip a day or two before the pain goes away so I do not keep aggravating it.

I really do wish I could workout at a more vigorous level. As it would be a lot easier on my back if that weight in my gut was gone faster.

I can't wait fore warmer weather either so Andrea and I can go walking more. With the snow and ice on the ground right now neither of us want to slip and fall on it. Me because of my back and Andrea because she is Pregnant.

**I can only remember these two values since my last one.
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