Thursday, January 23, 2014

A song for Graham....

I was working with my iPod running and it started to play "You Ruined Everything" by Jonathan Coulton.

I've always liked this song and how he wrote it for his daughter when she was born but it never had that big of an impact to me emotionally outside of being a very touching and beautiful song.

Surprisingly since Graham has been born I have thought about this song once or twice but I don't recall listening to or hearing it in the last 7 months.

When it came up today though it became a completely different song for me. I had to stop and listen to the lyrics and it really hit me how much everything has changed in my life. I mean the minute I saw him I "knew" it changed and it's been a wild ride so far but I think today that song really woke me up to the fact of it and drove home that this little person and his Mom mean more to me than anything else in the world.

So here is the song (with lyrics below it).

I was fine
I pulled myself together
Just in time
To throw myself away
Once my perfect world was gone I knew
You ruined everything
In the nicest way

You should know
How great things were before you
Even so
They're better still today
I can't think of who I was before
You ruined everything
In the nicest way

Bumps in the road remind us
The worst of the best behind us
Only good things will find us
Me and you

Days will be clear and sunny
We're gonna need more money
Baby you know it's funny
All those stories
Coming true

Despite my better efforts
It's all for you
The worst kind of cliché
I'll be with you till the day you leave
You ruined everything
In the nicest way
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