Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Goals

While I think if you are going to make a resolution for the new year you might as well start doing it now because if you really want to do it you would not wait to start it! I do have some new goals I want to ensure I want to accomplish for this upcoming year.

Here are my top four that I want to focus on the most:

Get Healthy.
This is probably the toughest one I have. I have a back problem that I've had for 21 years. I was a martial artist, skateboarder, mountain biker and I served in the military all the while I have had this problem. In college I became to lazy because of pain from my back. I gained a lot of weight and while my beautiful and caring wife Andrea loves me for who I am, I do not. I'm not looking to get back to being 150lbs (Max Army weight after basic training) but enough to be healthy and take pressure off my back by getting rid of my gut!

Buy a House.
Andrea and I found one we really liked this past fall. Unfortunately the cost to repair the roof and unwillingness of the sellers to come down in price to offset the cost made us walk away. It really was our dream home we knew we could raise a family in and not have to move into something bigger 5 years down the road. We are still looking but we are not finding anything like that one in our price range. I would like to be in one sooner rather than later but it is not something we will just rush off to buy just to get a house.

Get Better Organized.
I will admit I use to better organized, I'm still not that bad but I do need help. The main problem is I easily forget things or get side tracked and forget when something needs to be done. I would like to fix that in the next year.

Learn more about Photography. 
To me taking pictures is easy, but Photography is not. Photography takes time to learn and master. I spent years just taking pictures...lots and lots of pictures on my little Instamatic or cheap film cameras then cheap Kodak point and shoot digital camera or smart phone. Now though I'm taking the time to learn Photography and build my skill to capture more than just a quick image in time, but to convey a thought, feeling or emotion with out words universally to the viewer.
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