Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Goodbye iPod Hello ZuneHD

I’ve never “loved” my iPod in all honesty. Not because I am one of those “OMG Apple is Evil HATE HATE HATE!” type of people but more of the “I want something different but my car syncs with the iPod from the factory so I guess I will keep it” type of person.
So when it got cold this winter and my iPod would literally freeze after 5 minutes in my car while I scrapped ice off the windows and stopped playing I got fed up with it and got a ZuneHD 32GB player.
Honestly I do miss the easy integration into my car’s stereo but I bought the old Zune Car Pack from Amazon for $10 buck (with shipping) and it works. As perfect as the iPod integration when it functioned? No, but good enough to listen to on my long drives to and from work.

The bonus is that I can use the Zune at work easier as it’s battery life is better. My old iPod would never last more than 1.5 hours with out charging it. The Zune has lasted me 4 days of 8+ hours of work per day on one charge so far.  Additionally the Zune is also a FM HD radio tuner (no AM sadly) which unless you had the iPod touch and open Wi-Fi at work to stream music you can’t do.

I’m not saying anyone should ditch there iPods for the ZuneHD but if you are in the market for a new MP3 player, it may be worth it to check it out.

P.S. You should at least get the Zune software and create a Zune account if you really like to listen to music. The Smart DJ feature is worth the $14.95/month fee on it's own. You get 10 free MP3 down loads per month and based on your preferences by their like/dislike tracking of each song it you can listen to music you don't even own that match what you do own. Go here for a brief overview of Smart DJ and how it basically works.

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