Monday, February 12, 2007

People are morons...

Ok so I live in the wonderful state do Wisconsin... no really it's not that bad of a state, if you like cows, cheese, beer, and sports... consequently... I only like 2 of those, cheese and beer... I think it's time to move. :p

Anyways here in my lovely state we do get snow, mine you not as much as say Canada or upstate NY (who got firkin 11 feet over this past weekend). Last night it snowed about 4 inches, now we haven't gotten a lot of snow this year so I will give some leniency because it’s like having the first snow fall of the year again.

However… what the hell is wrong with the people that think they can still drive 80mph down the highway? This is why I normally stay home and VPN into work. You would think that people would slow down a little while driving this morning… nope… notta…they just hauled ass right along… it was stupid.

On my drive into work I saw 4 cars in the ditch, 2 accidents and almost was in one myself thanks to asshole jumping lanes in heavy traffic and sliding all over the place because of how stupid he was for driving like that in slick conditions.

Ugh… I just hope that it will be a better drive home
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